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Choosing to entrust an external party with part or all of the operations of the most critical function of your company is a decision which is not easy. However, with Al Jowdah at hand, choosing the right consultancy for doing so is. We distinguish ourselves from other consultancies.

  • by our approach to each assignment. We do not work with a “one fits all” belief. Every client is equally important to us; every project is unique; everything we do is done striving for excellence.
  • by our mix & match Instead of being forced to book packaged services, you will choose which of our services best fit your current needs and requirements – thus avoiding you signing up for month-long outsourcing contracts which provide you with only half of what you actually need.
  • by our focus. Gathering to SMEs and start-ups is different from gathering to large enterprises. Through specialization and dedication we are able to gather to our clients in ways no other consultancy can. We believe in down-to-earth, effective operation – one team, one target.
  • by our portfolio. Aside from offering an unmatched set of HR services, we also developed our very own HR administration software, Tayseer, which makes your HR administration a breeze. We furthermore specialize on management advisory and are able to draft & implement quality systems which enables us to support SMEs through being a consultancy that offers everything a growing company might be looking for.
  • by our honesty and straight forwardness. We believe in direct & clear approaches when dealing with clients. We aim to be transparent in our work, the same way our customers are by entrusting us with insight into their HR operations. We avoid technical mumbo-jumbo and come straight to the point.
  • by our flexibility. We provide you with high quality solutions, regardless of whether you just started your business or whether you are established for several years; whether you have three or three hundred employees; whether you need an individual service, such as the drafting of policies, a HR system built from scratch, a complete HR outsourcing or anything in between.
  • by our passion. We love & are proud of what we do, and it reflects in the outstanding results that are delivered to clients on a daily basis.
  • by our partnerships and network. Whatever functions we do not cover, we have partners to take over. Founding a new business? Need assistance with visa processing? Can’t fill that one senior position? Require a lawyer for a labor case? Our hand-selected partners are happy to assist
  • by our diversity. It is just natural that a growing company does not want to end up with a multitude of service providers cluttering its pipeline. We therefore have streamlined processes that gather to all of our specialties – HR, quality, advisory and labor law – and can therefore provide 360 degree support for any stage of growth.
  • by constantly striving for excellence. We acknowledge the fact that HR and our clients are constantly developing, and so are we. What works today might need to be revamped tomorrow – our journey to excellence therefore never ends, and we ensure staying relevant and updated with latest markets developments through extensive research.
  • Video: Tayseer HRIS introduction

    Tayseer HRIS introduction

  • Video: Tayseer HRIS functions

    Tayseer HRIS functions

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