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Al Jowdah prides itself in providing best-in-class consultancy services to SMEs in the GCC. In addition to the below listed services, we also offer additional services on a per-request basis. Do feel free to contact us to learn more about how Al Jowdah can support you and your team.

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  • Audits & diagnostics

    Audits & diagnostics

    Analyzing & understanding areas of strength and improvement in regards to your HR & employees is vital for maintaining and improving your market position. Diagnosing specific problems and their causes will enable us not only to solve them but to prepare you to avoid them altogether in the future.

  • Administration & employee files

    Administration & employee files

    Updated employee files are not only required by law but are vital for managing employees and their commitments. Besides creating easy-to-use and efficient hard and soft copy files, our team will also implement advanced individual, department & company-wide administration tools, such as salary-; master- and leave sheets.

  • HR manuals, HR policies and HR guidelines

    HR manuals, HR policies and HR guidelines

    Manuals & policies outline the individual rules and regulations of your enterprise. We draft & implement accessible, easy-to-use, labor-law conform manuals that are custom tailored to your individual operation, notions and needs.

  • Job descriptions & Job evaluations

    Job descriptions & Job evaluations

    Detailing the duties and responsibilities of each position holder, JDs are too important to be mere downloaded task lists for performance appraisals and recruitment. We create straight forward and relevant job descriptions through observation, interviews, expectation / demand studies and other analytical tools.

  • HR forms and templates

    HR forms and templates

    Al Jowdah will provide you with templates and formats covering everything related to HR administration, thus reducing the time and effort spent on doing day-to-day filling and filing needs. All formats are conform to UAE labor law and are available in both English & Arabic.

  • Employee surveys

    Employee surveys

    Understanding how employees think and feel about your company, their job, environment and latest market developments as well as being aware of their ideas, wishes and needs will enable you to boost them to new performance levels while ensuring to stay relevant to your industry and market. Al Jowdah will determine what kind of survey should be used, who should be involved and what & how questions should be asked before conducting and evaluating each survey’s results.

  • Performance appraisals

    Performance appraisals

    One of the most important functions of HR, PAs identify, evaluate and grade weak & top employees alike to recommend action plans for enabling average performers to exceed targets while boosting top performers to new heights. Our appraisals will result in a straight-forward, transparent, fair and easily comparable percentage value for each appraised staff member.

  • KPI & target setting

    KPI & target setting

    Working with structured qualitative and quantitative targets will not only increase motivation & determination of employees but help the management to monitor performance and plan ahead. We will assist you in the design and implementation of key performance indicators and tangible targets.

  • Advise on labor law, immigration & legal guidance

    Advise on labor law, immigration & legal guidance

    Ensuring legal compliance of decisions will not only give you and your employees peace of mind but can save you the stress and financial losses of being involved in labor and grievance cases. Our team will review and recommend the best course of action for all things labor law.

  • Legal documentation

    Legal documentation

    Aside from advising the best course of action, our team will ensure all of your legal documentation is conform to and enforceable as per the local labor law. No more need to worry whether that non-competition agreement really is covering all required details or whether your intellectual property really is 100% secured.

  • HR strategies

    HR strategies

    Shifting from a purely transactional background by establishing & following dedicated long-term plans has been the st change in human resource management during the last centuries. Working towards an ultimate, specified goal will ensure all HR functions are streamlined and focused towards achieving outcomes of real value.

  • Organization structures and hierarchies

    Organization structures and hierarchies

    Streamlining hierarchies and revising reporting lines often concludes in less bureaucracy and more autonomy, effectively resulting in more efficiency and output. We will ensure that structures are clear and sensible, resulting in a management freed of approval and follow-up processes and an empowered workforce.

  • Compensation structures

    Compensation structures

    Fair, competitive compensation representing one’s expertise and seniority is one of the major motivational factors for employees. At the same time, companies aim to stay profitable by reducing expenses. Our team will ensure that structures which balance employee expectations and corporate profitability are in place, hence yielding best possible results for employers and employees alike.

  • Retention plans & strategies

    Retention plans & strategies

    Finding and hiring the right candidate is less than half the job – motivating top performers to grow and stay with your company for years to come often proves to be much more difficult. Dedicated strategies will ensure that the loss of high class talent will be a sorrow of the past.

  • Succession planning

    Succession planning

    Be it for voluntary or involuntary reasons, employees one day will leave their position. It is vital to recruit, train and retain appropriate replacement in order to avoid bottlenecks and loss of business. Al Jowdah will ensure that succession in your company is a streamlined, structured and reliable process.

  • Training plans

    Training plans

    Going hand in hand with performance appraisals, identifying and understanding training needs will enable you to further specialize best-in-class employees to overachieve on targets. Dedicated training plans will support you in planning all aspects of training and development for the near and far future.

  • Training of HR personnel

    Training of HR personnel

    Those clients employing permanent in-house HR specialists can benefit from our training and coaching solutions in order to further emphasize the effectiveness and efficiency of their HR personnel. Our trainings are based on previous evaluations and cover all relevant aspects and functions of HR administration & management.

  • Business advisory services

    Business advisory services

    Our team is also experienced in designing and implementing solutions for questions and problems that are not directly related to HRM. For doing so, our consultants assume the roles of advisors that counsel for a whole range of tactics and strategies required by SMEs to secure and strengthen their market position.

  • Quality advisory services

    Quality advisory services

    Clients wishing to implement quality systems and processes can benefit from the in-depth experience of our management team, which has successfully led companies from inception to ISO & EFQM certification.

  • Recruitment & recruitment planning

    Recruitment & recruitment planning

    Finding the best available talent is often a daunting and time-consuming task. Al Jowdah’s team will support you by drafting recruitment plans, selecting the right tools (and, if applicable, agencies) and ensures that the best candidates will be joining your operation.

  • Business etiquette & cultural awareness

    Business etiquette & cultural awareness

    Working and living many years in the UAE, our team has developed close ties and an in-depth understanding of local etiquette, customs and culture. We are happy to share those insights with our clients and their employees by providing training & workshops.

  • Additional services

    Additional services

    Al Jowdah is entertaining a network of strategic partnerships and hand-selected companies which can carry out services that are not directly offered by us – we thus can often arrange not only for first class service according to our own quality standards but special rates for our clients.

  • Video: Tayseer HRIS introduction

    Tayseer HRIS introduction

  • Video: Tayseer HRIS functions

    Tayseer HRIS functions

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