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Tayseer is available in two independent versions:

  • An on-line version that is stored on Al Jowdah’s servers and can be accessed by clients anywhere and anytime through any internet-enabled device, such as laptop, mobile phone and tablet. No further investment into hardware is required.
  • An off-line version that is stored directly on the client’s network / computer and can be accessed only from within the network and/or computer.

Both versions of Tayseer feature language support in both English and Arabic. Clients can switch between languages at any given point without restriction.

Clients can enroll for a free trial account in order to experience the benefits of Tayseer extensively. Trial accounts bear no liability and no cost whatsoever and can be cancelled at any time. Upon registering for your free trial account, you will receive your personalized login data & individual support. You can then directly access & use Tayseer from anywhere. You are free to share your login information with whomever you like, thus allowing several of your employees to access Tayseer.

Upon the expiry of your trial period, you can choose whether you would like to go forward with an online or offline version. When deciding for our online version, we will convert your trial account into a full-fledged license account, keeping all data & employees you have added. When deciding for our offline version, we will be you providing you with a physical copy of Tayseer to be installed locally.

Tayseer is available for an unbeatable price that delivers instant return on investment over hiring HR administrators or contracting our competiton.

Please contact us today in order to speak to your personal relationship manager and learn more about how Tayseer significantly improves your HR administration’s effectiveness and speed while reducing cost.

  • Video: Tayseer HRIS introduction

    Tayseer HRIS introduction

  • Video: Tayseer HRIS functions

    Tayseer HRIS functions

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