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Tayseer has been developed to fully automate and standardize all the administrative procedures and processes that a HR department would require to operate successfully in a SME. This enables our clients to save the cost, effort and administration of employing dedicated HR administrators while benefitting from results that cannot be produced by regular consultancies, HRIS and/or employees.

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  • Employee information sheets & files

    Employee information sheets & files

    Tayseer centralizes all vital information for each single employee in your company. Covering all details relevant to the management and administration of your employees, Tayseer supports you with automatic calculations and fill-ins; thus providing you with state-of-the-art employee files which are stored as soft copy and can easily be printed for physical filing. Updating or modifying data of your employees is a breeze and will result in automatic updates to all reports, statistics anddocumentation. On top, our detailed sheets will provide you with important information of the employment history,warning/injury record and leave overview for each of your employees.

  • Reports


    Tayseer features a wide range of reports covering all relevant aspects of your operation. A few clicks are enough to provide you with sophisticated reports covering salary details, contact information, leave overviews and many more. You can choose whether each report should cover all employees in your company or whether the report should be narrowed down to only display information based on the selected departments, branches, designations and/or other filters. Apart from our pre-made reports, you are able to create and store fully customized reports. Needless to say, each report can be exported for modifications from your side.

  • Calendar & reminders

    Calendar & reminders

    Tayseer provides you with a calendar function which automatically calculates and displays dates which are relevant for managing employees in your company. Our calendar features reminders about the expiry of documents (such as passports and visas); important HR dates (such as the completion of probation periods and work anniversaries); social events (such as birthdays) and all kind of leaves for each employee in your organization. Furthermore, you can create custom events andreminders which will be displayed in both your calendar and dashboard as per your settings.

  • Document storage

    Document storage

    Tayseer offers dedicated frameworks that easily let you manage any documentation of your employees, such as passport, visa, national IDs and so on. Each employee has a designated folder that includes reminders of whether all required documents have been stored. Additionally, when using our online version, Tayseer enables you to store and access documents of your employees from all over the world, anytime, anywhere.

  • Statistics


    Through automated statistical calculations, Tayseer will provide you with in-depth information and feedback about your employees within mere seconds. Dedicated information about features such as salaries, demographics, departments, leaves and their development in the past will help you to understand, plan and estimate the future development of your workforce. Tayseer offers several graphical interfaces and graphs that furthermore ease the analysis of manpower development.

  • Automated correspondence

    Automated correspondence

    A variety of pre-made letter templates, which are required by HR departments on a daily, weekly and monthly basis are stored in Tayseer by default. Simply select the template and employee in order to have Tayseer generate a completelyfilled letter which just needs to be printed and signed by you. Furthermore, you can create and store new templates from scratch, further saving time you would other wisely spent on documentation. Default templates are available in English &Arabic and include letters such as NOCs, salary & employment certificates, offer letters, termination notices, warnings and many more – created for you to be printed within mere seconds.

  • Records & administrative tools for leave, warnings, injuries, property and many more

    Records & administrative tools for leave, warnings, injuries, property and many more

    Tayseer enables you to easily record, view, modify and delete any information and events regarding the administration of employees, such as leave, warnings and injuries and many more, thus granting you full control and overview at all times.

  • Calculation of salary, WPS, end of service and leave balances

    Calculation of salary, WPS, end of service and leave balances

    Tayseer offers sophisticated calculations that will turn your salary, end of service and leave calculations into a simple process that requires just a few mouse clicks from your side. Our WPS module takes away the monthly burden of filling complicated spreadsheets by collecting, filling and exporting any required sheets instantly. Of course, all calculations can be exported, modified and printed for your reference.



In addition to the above mentioned functions, Tayseer’s development team is enhancing your experiences through both creating individually required modules and through constant development and refinement in close cooperation with clients.

Have a look at our brochure and videos in order to see Tayseer in action and contact us for your free trial version!

  • Video: Tayseer HRIS introduction

    Tayseer HRIS introduction

  • Video: Tayseer HRIS functions

    Tayseer HRIS functions

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