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Al Jowdah’s clients are operating in a multitude of sectors and industries – a result of the fact that we make it a point to understand the requirements and environment of each client before our actual work starts. We therefore create HR & quality solutions that are relevant to you, regardless whether you operate in construction, trading, education, healthcare, manufacturing, IT, hospitality, legal, sales, marketing or any other sector.

The reasons of why clients chose to use Al Jowdah’s services & products are as diverse as our client base itself:

  • The operation of some SMEs does not justify hiring fulltime HR personnel, be it because of financial restrictions or because the capacities of smaller scale HR operations do not require full time employees. Partnering with an experienced consultancy which is specialized on SMEs often is the best solution in this case.
  • Some clients look for expertise, knowledge and fresh inputs which will support both the on-going growth of the client’s company and improve the efficiency of existing internal HR teams while solving urgent problems. We also render pro-active audits of existing systems, thus ensuring that long-term stability and performance are guaranteed.
  • Partnering with Al Jowdah often proves to be more cost efficient than contracting another consultancy or hiring in-house personnel. The reason is our fair & dedicated pricing strategy which is based on the size of our client’s company.
  • Many clients whose fulltime HR personnel is not available for longer periods (be it leave, emergencies or economic decisions) wish to maintain their HR operations through outsourcing to a professional consultancy that provides flexibility, quality and effectiveness while being reachable for support not only during regular working hours.
  • Clients that operate offshore branches often look for relevant HR information, market intelligence and advice about local labor law or a modification of their HR systems & guidelines to fit the local environment.
  • Tayseer, our HR software, is providing unparalleled comprehensive HR administration that is uniquely developed to meet requirements of GCC-based SMEs. Aside from providing sophisticated insights & statistics into client’s company’s HR, Tayseer often saves clients with smaller operations the effort and cost of hiring a full-time administrator, while rendering indispensable support to administration professionals in larger organizations.
  • Al Jowdah also provides clients with relevant & top-notch advice in regards of best practice, cultural awareness, change management, quality systems and many others. We are thus able to support clients on a 360 degree approach and ease the process of developing into a larger entity.
  • Video: Tayseer HRIS introduction

    Tayseer HRIS introduction

  • Video: Tayseer HRIS functions

    Tayseer HRIS functions

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