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Tayseer offers a multitude of advantages and benefits for its users. This stems directly from the fact that Tayseer has been developed by HR professionals who have extensive HR experience in SMEs operating in the GCC, thus providing unrivaled relevancy, functionality and advantages. Some of the benefits our clients appreciate the most are the following:

  • Tayseer on average
    • increases efficiency & speed of HR administration by 50% to 80%.
    • reduces error rate by 80% to 95%.
    • is 90% less expensive than a qualified HR administrator.
  • Tayseer can either fully replace the need to hire a HR administrator (for smaller operations) or perfectly complement already existing HR administrators (for larger operations) – in either way, you either save on salaries and/or enable employees to have more time to spend on profit generating tasks.
  • Tayseer is available for a fair, clear & fixed price. There are no hidden costs or charges. You stay in full control over your investment at all times, while having the satisfying feeling of working with a product that is not only superior to similar products but costs only a fraction of what our competitors are charging.
  • Tayseer can be run either as an offline version for local use in your office only or as web based application that can be accessed anywhere, any day and anytime. Tayseer’s online version works on computers, tablets, mobile phones and other devices with common internet browsers.
  • Tayseer is featuring an intuitive, simple, easy to use interface – working with Tayseer usually requires no training or orientation. We provide both videos and manuals outlining all the functions and are available through phone, email and site visits in case of questions.
  • Tayseer has been developed by a HR consultancy, thus giving it a clear advantage over other HRIS which have been developed by software companies without any dedicated HR knowledge. Al Jowdah furthermore offers a multitude of complementary HR services and a vast network of partnering companies.
  • Tayseer features free trial accounts, rendering you able to experience Tayseer before committing yourself – you know exactly what return on investment you can expect. You can transform your trial account any time to be a full-fledged account, keeping all data.
  • Tayseer is a modular project and can be modified to your liking. Essential future developments and modifications are included free of charge. (online version)
  • Tayseer has been developed for SMEs in the GCC and is therefore extremely relevant while offering ongoing support and development through a local
  • Video: Tayseer HRIS introduction

    Tayseer HRIS introduction

  • Video: Tayseer HRIS functions

    Tayseer HRIS functions

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