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Al Jowdah revolves around the core principle of providing clients with effective and cost-efficient HR solutions of highest quality. Our concept is based on the fact that small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) must ensure that appropriate and relevant HR & administration systems are in place and implemented from the very beginning of their operations in order to maximize performance and ensure steady and sustainable growth.

Being specialized on start-ups as well as SMEs and offshore branches renders us being a partner that understands and recognizes the individual needs of each of our clients to an extent unmatched by other consultancies.

Founded and led by a specialist management team, we have made it our task to link German-made quality solutions with an in-depth understanding of our local clients and the GCC market. For this reason, our management & consultancy team consists out of individuals with several years of experience and an outstanding reputation in their respective fields.

Our approach to each assignment includes dedicated client meetings, an expert team tailoring services individually towards each of your specified requirements and a specialist team modifying and implementing our solutions before evaluating and handing over the results to you.

Al Jowdah offers the following services and products:

  • HR consulting & advisory services
  • Management and business consulting & advisory services
  • Quality consulting & advisory services
  • HR, management & quality system audits
  • HR, management & quality system implementation
  • HR, management & quality system evaluation
  • Tayseer, a HRIS / ERP & HR administration through Tayseer


We strive for excellence in what we do and have this motive incorporated in all our decisions. We are on the mission to realize our vision:

Establishing Al Jowdah to be the HR partner of choice for GCC-based SMEs.

  • Video: Tayseer HRIS introduction

    Tayseer HRIS introduction

  • Video: Tayseer HRIS functions

    Tayseer HRIS functions

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